radiohead scrapbook

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A - card index words

a braver man than eye. sunday papers

a funny looking fish

a funny looking fish. midges. vortex. we were praying and killing each other at the same time.

a__ is a starfucker no really no really
so sue me no really

alex is a starfucker
he greased the greasy greased up pole

all you graverobbers think about is hes a hit hes a hit

a marriage of convenience

a mountain of gold floating upon a sea of oil

admit everything

admit nothing

an exploding harpoon

and if the sky was full of water i could jump up and go splash into it

and now here is the news. are you still there?
you ar e in in five. the voice in coily earpiece.

ant powder

antidepressants are a bad idea what is wrong is not in here

artichoke broken hearts


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