radiohead scrapbook

Saturday, July 29, 2006

W - card index words

we are civilised

we are faceless you can't attack us

we ar e lock edin a rhythm attck arhthm attack
will someone click their fingers and bring us back?

We do not really exist. We were made up
to make you feel shit about yourself.

we're all gonna fry you crazy bastards.

we're in this together sorry am i boring?

we go round + round a cowards dance

welcome to the future
everything is rosy


what the english cant stand cant stand cant stand
what the english cant stand cant stand cant stand

wheels turn, magpies dive, pecking out your elephantine corrugated roller-blinded eyes

where nothign will ever be the same again and we can forget about a ll this crap
like it wasa stupid joke and we had it all wrong, a one decimal point miscalculation.

where's the blood? the pools of blood?

while people are carrying tongueing fucking drinking all on candid camera.

while the birds peck away at a field of seed. while the propeellor planes drop insecticides

'who can make straight what He hath made crooked?' ecclesiastes 7.6

whos a pretty rope?

whos that tapping on my head?

why would i stay here for a repeat performance?

words are blunt instruments

worm through on a technicality


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