radiohead scrapbook

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I - card index words

i am a mole and i live in a hole

i am immajining

ice age is coming

i don't jeopordise your position

i do not understand

if you reach out to this cloud
it may engulf you.

if nobody ever tells you different

i have made a terrible mistake please let me out of here

i know this is killing me but i can't stop

i live in a bunker bombers overhead

i need to get out of here i am out of control

i pinch myself and pinch myself but feel nothing

i will go through almost anything but this suburban vacumn.

i woke up and found you, my personal rainbow.

im on the phone i havent got that long.

i'm not the answer you're easy to please

i'm the living proof


into the deepest ocean

into the street out of a bucket a bucket

it is a buyers market

it relentless invisible indefatigable undisputed
undeniable so how come it looks so beautiful?

it relentless invisible indefitagable undisputed undeniable so how come it looks so beautiful? how comes the constellations shines? how come sun still reflect s frrom the moon?

"It was obvious to me:electricity was the future of rocknroll..I loved rockn roll so much that i couldnt let it stay the way it was because it would die. And thats happened..." Suicide

iy wasnt worth it. if two governments cant agree. give em a rifle and let THEM sort it out.

ivesstoppedtryingtofixmyface itsfinelikeitis


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