radiohead scrapbook

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Y - card index words

yes, tis the pulse of the life! my fears were in vain! i wake i breathe, and myself again. don't feel a thing.

you are merely a distraction. im a kitten with a ball of wool.

you dance with the person who brung ya?

you get caught in the eye of a tornadoe,
and cant even feel a breeze on your face.

you press my buttons

you seem to think you are immune how i wish you would take your medicine

you seemed to think you ar e owed a living a living

you should a took him out while you had the chance.

you think you v killed music?

you're not very good at this are you?

your cross is under your coat

your dog got the fleas

your fatal flaw

youre a big cheese back in the city. but back here your a fox in a hole, and the hounds are picking up your scent

youve won an award

yu give nothing so receive nothing


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