radiohead scrapbook

Saturday, July 29, 2006

the diet of worms

avoid eye contact do not react act normal stay calm
have another drink throw the first stone
cheer at the gallows eat your popcorn fill out your census form
remember to set your alarm abandon all reason
rat on your close friends believe anything shoot the messenger
put your muzzle on call yourself a dj call yourself an mc wait in line in
a can of worms with ultraviolence just a bit of harmless fun
skim off the scum go back to mum this is a low-flying panic attack
in a backwards mirror for all the tea in china this is a round-up
follow the ant trail start an opinion poll recieve a bloody nose
have a quiet doze sing a song of sixpence that goes
burn the witch
burn the witch
burn the witch
burn the witch
burn the witch


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